Lions News · Virtual School Eligibility – Frequently Asked Questions

This summer, there have been multiple changes to the academic schedule and overall educational delivery. As a way to help guide parents when making academic decisions with regards to athletic participation, the following has been created to help answer some general questions. If you have any specific questions, please contact Daniel’s Athletic Director –  Tommy Plumblee at


What virtual school program allows a student to remain a full-time Daniel student?


Pickens County Virtual Academy and VirtualSC are the only two virtual school programs that a student can enroll in and still be considered a full-time student at Daniel. 


If I attended Daniel High School or Edwards Middle School for the 2019-20 school year, can I take classes through Pickens County Virtual Academy or VirtualSC and maintain athletic eligibility?




Can a student take BOTH virtual and in-person classes at Daniel and maintain eligibility?


Yes, as long as the student is taking virtual classes through Pickens County Virtual Academy and/or VirtualSC they would be considered a full-time Daniel student and retain eligibility. This could possibly provide an opportunity for students to take any desired AP/Honors/CTC classes with face-to-face instruction at the school that is not offered through the online format.


In order to guarantee athletic eligibility, students will need to:


  • Remain a full-time student enrolled at Daniel High or Edwards Middle and attending classes in person, OR/AND through either Pickens County Virtual Academy or VirtualSC. Enrolling in any other virtual program other than the ones listed may affect a student’s athletic eligibility. 


  • In the 4×4 block schedule, a student must earn 2 units during semester 1 in order to be eligible for second semester sports. If a student was not eligible for semester 1 sports, they must earn 2 ½ units during semester 1 to be eligible for semester 2 sports. 


  • If a student did not attend Daniel High School or Edwards Middle School for the entire 2019-20 school year, then other criteria must be discussed to determine eligibility. Please contact Tommy Plumblee if your student did not attend Daniel High or Edwards Middle for the entire 2019-2020 school year. 


Are AP/Honors courses offered virtually?


Yes, VirtualSC offers multiple AP/Honors classes. 


Can students take virtual classes in the first semester and in-person classes in the second semester (or vice-a-versa)?


Yes, students can choose to take classes from among the different formats, but remember that only SDPC Virtual and VirtualSC online classes allow a student to remain enrolled at Daniel.  


If a student enrolls in any other Virtual School program, can they maintain athletic eligibility?


Possibly, but each situation will be different and would need to be discussed with the AD.


Is homeschooling the same as taking virtual classes?


No, homeschool students are members of sanctioned homeschool associations.