D W Daniel High School Athletics – Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Mission Statement

The mission of the D W Daniel High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who, through their accomplishments, service, dedication or commitment have brought pride and distinction to our school and community as an athlete, coach, administrator or contributor.

 Committee Membership

The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of Eight (8) members*

  • Current DHS principal
  • Current DHS Athletic Director
  • One (1) Coaching Staff Member
  • One (1) Faculty Member
  • Two (2) Community Members
  • Two (2) DWD Blue and Gold Booster Club Members

Any committee member that has a direct relationship with a nominee being considered shall be removed from the committee while that nominee is under consideration. Direct relationships are defined as immediate family members, or individuals personally nominated by committee members.

Eligibility Requirements

Athlete:                        10 years after graduation, and/or attending DHS

Coach:                         5 years after leaving or retiring from DHS

Administrator:             5 years after leaving or retiring from DHS

Contributor:                Anytime

Nominees and elected members must maintain and exemplify traits and characteristics that provide positive role-model qualities for past, current and future Daniel High School Students and the Daniel High School community. A failure to do so could result in removal from ballot or Hall of Fame if already elected.


  • Athletic achievement while in high school and/or post high school
  • Service to the athletic program as a coach, administrator or contributor

Method of Selection

  • Nominees will be accepted from the community
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Athletic office by “Date” of each year
  • The Hall of Fame Committee will choose the inductees (Nominees must receive 75% of votes for induction)
  • The Induction Ceremony will annually take place at Daniel Home football game.
  • A minimum of one (1) inductee will be inducted each year
  • A maximum of five (5) inductees will be selected each year
  • If more than 5 receive a 75% vote, then the top 5 vote getters will be inducted in that current year
  • In case of a tie there will be a re-vote among those tied
  • Inaugural year may have more than 5 inductees

Nomination Ballot

  • Nomination form must be filled out and returned to Athletic Office by Deadline date on nomination form.
  • Each form will be kept on file for three (3) subsequent years
  • Those not elected will automatically be considered for three (3) years. If not selected after initial three (3) years, nominee must receive additional nominations in order to be considered
  • The honorees will be notified of their selection no later than May 30 of the selection year.


Honors for Hall of Fame Inductees

  • There will be a Hall of Fame Dinner or reception each year prior to induction ceremony
  • There will be a reception prior to the Hall of Fame Game each year
  • Ceremony honoring Hall of Fame Inductees and members at half time of the Hall of Fame Game each year .
  • Each member selected to the Daniel High School Athletic Hall of Fame will have a plaque placed on the Hall of Fame Wall displayed inside Daniel High School

*Note:  Committee may be increased over time to allow for a more representative committee membership.

D W Daniel High School

Athletic Hall of Fame – Nomination Form

Please submit no later than April 30

  • Nominee Information

  • Athlete Information

  • Coach

  • Administrator

  • Contributor
  • Nominator Information